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About Mayor Sal Panto, Jr.

Now in his fourth year of his current term, Mayor Panto is recognized for making Easton a cleaner and safer city in both its neighborhoods and its historic downtown. During his tenure crime has decreased in all three years and a city-wide street sweeping program has been initiated.

Internally, Mayor Panto is credited with bringing fiscal stability to the city. At a time when the nation is experiencing the worst recession since the Great Depression Mayor Panto and his team have had three straight years with no increase in real estate taxes and has had a year-end surplus all three years. His financial management has earned the city an increase in its Standard and Poor's rating from a BBB to an A - which is indicative of the financial management team's success.

Mayor Panto has also led an economic development program that is experiencing more than $200 million in public and private investment and the creation of hundreds of new jobs in the city. Major projects include the adaptive reuse of the former Pomeroy building which has been vacant more than 35 years; Lafayette College's North Third Street campus; connecting and upgrading the waterfront park to the city; many streetscape projects; relocating the intermodal project to South Third Street which will also be home to the National High School Sports Hall of Fame; and many others too numerous to mention. The Mayor is most proud of the housing rehabilitation program he started in the neighborhoods and the many successful small businesses opening and remaining open in the neighborhoods and downtown.

Mayor Sal Panto, Jr. snags Easton Mayoral campaign with almost 80% of votes!

Sal Panto reads his victory speach at Campaign Headquarters at 8:57 PM as the results from the campaign are announced with Mayor Sal Panto attaining over 80% of the 2,078 votes of 2011.

Upcoming Events

  • Election Day

    November 8
    Receiving the Results
    8pm at Campaign Headquarters